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About Us

Who We Are

Solidere International is a city maker, place maker, and developer focused on creating urban destinations and mixed-use real estate developments in the Middle East and in emerging markets internationally.
The Company’s objectives are to identify, promote, purchase, master plan, invest in, develop, market, manage, and provide consulting services with respect to land development and real estate projects. Solidere International is actively involved in projects in Ajman (United Arab Emirates); Riyadh and Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia); and Hazmieh (Lebanon), and is prospecting new opportunities in promising markets.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be globally renowned for creating inspiring Places for Life.
As city makers and developers, our mission is to create value for our shareholders and communities by leveraging our capabilities to deliver timeless properties and places of the finest experience that reflect the quality of our work and our standards.

Our Core Values

Our ethical standards, based on our core values, focus on our employees, customers, shareholders, investors, and relations with our business partners, the governments where we operate, and the communities we engage.
  • Commitment

    We are driven to delivering on our promises

  • Integrity

    We can be trusted in our relationships and in everything that we do

  • Excellence

    We strive to be exceptional in what we create

  • Accountability

    We will bear the responsibility for what we have been entrusted with at every level and report fairly and transparently

  • Collaboration

    We harness the talent and energy of all those who work for us

Corporate Structure

Solidere International PLC was incorporated in and under the laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) as a public limited company (Registration Number 0412, June 7, 2007) after raising USD 700 million of equity through a private placement.

Solidere International’s shareholders include international and regional funds; banks and financial institutions; and institutional and individual investors.

Shareholding Structure

  • Lebanese Institutions
    (Including Solidere s.a.l.)
    • 47.2
  • Lebanese
    • 02.24
  • MENA
    • 18.2
  • International
    Funds and Institutions
    • 00.08
  • MENA Individuals
    • 18.69
  • Lebanese Banks
    and Fiduciary Accounts
    • 05.56

Relationship with Solidere

The Lebanese Company for the Development and Reconstruction of Beirut Central District s.a.l. (Solidere) is a joint-stock company established in 1994 for the purpose of finalizing and implementing an urban master plan for the revitalization of the Beirut Central District in the devastating aftermath of the Lebanese war (1975-1990).
In 2007, following the success of more than two decades in operation in Beirut, Solidere‘s General Assembly resolved to put the expertise gained in Beirut Central District to wider use and to capitalize on its brand name and experience by launching an international development operation and creating additional value for its shareholders. Thus, Solidere International was incorporated.

Solidere is the founding and major shareholder of Solidere International PLC. The company and its subsidiaries own around 39% of Solidere International PLC’s total capital.