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About Us


Master Development

We transform locations into destinations
We have the track record and experience to conceive, finance, manage, build and operate high quality, large-scale and mixed-use projects.
Armed with the master planning expertise of Solidere in rebuilding and developing the Beirut Central District, our in-house teams are proficient in all the tasks in a project’s lifecycle, from the establishment of a project vision to its total realization and subsequent operations.

Our clear and intricate design guidelines and the way we work with third party developers to implement them lead to exceptional destinations informed by their context, history, and environment. A prime example of our place making skills is Al Zorah, the premier mixed-use and hospitality destination in Ajman, which capitalizes on the site’s rich ecosystem to create a refined coastal living destination.

Real Estate Development

We develop landmarks with long-term value
Our real estate products are recognized in terms of quality of design, execution, livability and long-term asset value.
They showcase our commitment to excellence in quality, design, execution, and livability. We work with some of the world’s most renowned architects and interior designers to create products that build on our fundamental belief that quality protects and increases the asset value in time.

Our projects quickly become market references, such as Golden Tower, an elegant and culturally sensitive landmark on Jeddah’s Corniche.

Land Development

We create opportunities for individual expression
Our properly parceled and infrastructure-supported land plots allow individual to build their dream homes.
We utilize in-depth market analysis and research to acquire or secure land parcels with exceptional development potential. We create value by equipping these lands with the proper level of infrastructure and apposite landscape and design guidelines. Our parceled plots offer third-party developers and individuals a unique opportunity to develop their dream projects and to be part of a well planned community.

We have identified such potential in Rayat Obhur, Jeddah, and have established a partnership to create a concept that is both market-friendly in terms of parcellation and varied and inventive in terms of architectural typologies introduced.

Development Management

We believe in hands-on experience
With extensive expertise, we offer development management services on projects we believe will have a positive impact on the quality of life.
Development manager or consultant/advisor, we offer clients a selection of services, for which we provide staff and corporate support. Conducted in line with international standards, the Company’s project teams plan and guide every aspect of the project life-cycle from concept to definition, implementation, and handover.

Property Management

We ensure a high-quality residential experience
We offer refined property management services for all our projects to ensure that residents and visitors enjoy the life style our developments offer.
These services range from physical maintenance and leasing to sales and administrative support. Our team takes pride with their ability to work with our customers as part of the solution and never as part of the problem.

Following the master planning and development of Wadi Qortuba, an expatriate compound in Riyadh, our property management team will market, lease, and undertake facility management to ensure a high-quality residential experience and preserve asset value.

Value-Added Services

Wealth is created from creating value
We are diversifying into value-added services that have strong growth potential in retail and complementary sectors, ranging from commercial strips to mixed-use community centers.
These specialized developments add value to projects in some locations that we are developing, and benefit from values created by others in select locations that we identify. Our retail offerings, which are notable for their attention to design and distinctive lifestyle, such as Muzahimiyah Avenue in Riyadh, promote and leverage synergies among a wide array of tenants and commercial operators. Looking forward, we aim to replicate the success of our retail experience by pursuing ventures in the hospitality and education sectors.