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  • 2015


    Two Thousand fifteen proved to be another year of great progress for the Company. Solidere International has achieved significant growth in the delivery and development of its ongoing projects and will maintain and enhance its commitment toward driving prospective growth further.
  • 2014


    At Solidere International, we are committed to creating ‘Places for Life’, a commitment that lies at the core of the Company’s philosophy, that only quality creates value. With this aim in mind, as well as the right product, a strong and flexible strategy, and a team of skilled professionals, the Company is in a prime position to make the most of every new opportunity.
  • 2013


    Two thousand thirteen was a landmark year, a year of achievements, as construction and sales launched for more than nine projects in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Long-term master development initiatives continue as priorities with the aim of increasing brand value and of generating mid-term opportunities for real estate development.
  • 2012


    Solidere International enjoys a solid financial standing, as reflected in a liquid cash position, no debt, and a lean cost structure. The Company remains on the right track in its growth strategy with a strong portfolio of projects as it continues to follow a proactive approach to mitigate risks.